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"Nature reminds us how to be in harmony
with life itself"

Harold W. Becker

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Current and Future Energy Technology

For about 150 years fossil fuels have been our primary energy source. Still today 82% of our global energy supply is based on fossil fuels. The price of energy to the global consumer is primarily based on oil and thus on the political circumstances in the world. Oil products pollute the environment, threaten the equilibria of ecosystems and contribute to climate change. As we have mentioned in the section research all existing energy generation technologies have unintended negative effects on our lives and our living environment.

Restoration Power Corporation is developing a new class of energy technologies which:

  • Is always available, everywhere for everyone
  • Does not create any environment pollution
  • Is affordable for everyone
  • Is based on the principle laws of Nature


New Energy Technologies

Integrated Development Portfolio

The founders of Restoration Power, its partners and their global network of research associate have spent the last 20 years researching new, clean energy technologies which are based on the principle laws of Nature. And over the past 5 years, that quest has been rewarded by gaining some fundamental insights. We are now in the in the process of manifesting a range of new technologies.



In the last five years of our research we clearly identified the nature of this technology. It is called LENRs:  ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reactions’. It appears to be an outstanding and  very promising technology.

We started to experiment with it in our own laboratories, knowing that in many laboratories in the world similar research efforts were going on and that critical research information is shared by all science institutes who shape the birth of the LENR technology.

The most stunning realisation came to us when we discovered that LENRs are natural reactions which drive the evolution of our world and, in fact, the whole Universe. For this reason LENRs are also called ‘Biological Transmutations’.

Biologists have documented ‘Biological Transmutations’ since the beginning of the 19th century. In the process of ‘Biological Transmutations’ chemical elements are transmuted into  other elements. When this transmutation occurs excess energy is being produced.

It is estimated that the energy density of these benevolent nuclear reactions is at least about 100 times the energy density of fossil fuels. Recently a new name has appeared which reflects what these reactions really represent: ‘Life Enhancing Natural Reactions’. They drive the evolution of all living things since the beginning of time. This means also that LENRs are in harmony with the principle laws of Nature.


The Soliton Wave

A few years ago an inventor in our network discovered a wave phenomenon which created the effect of Room Temperature Superconductivity (RTS). The first application of this invention is being worked on at this time. It is the reduction of electrical resistance (the Joule effect) in electricity transmission lines.

The early history of solitons or solitary waves began in August 1834 when the Victorian Engineer John Scott Russell observed a solitary wave travelling along a Scottish canal.

Many discoveries followed in the next 185 years. About 5 years ago one of our inventors  found  the electromagnetic signature of this elusive wave phenomenon on his oscilloscope in his lab. This marked the beginning of a series of new inventions in the area of LENRs, electricity transmission, the evolution of the electrical vehicle, more efficient solar panels, more efficient thermo-electric convertors, super fast computer chips and much more.


Energy Systems of the Future

This paper describes a profound technology, based on the forces of Nature, whose time has come. It can transform our energy infrastructure, address climate change and transform our global economy into an economy which works for people and the planet.

The Soliton Wave

We discovered the Soliton Wave, which allows room temperature superconductivity. This opens a huge array of potential applications based on the principles of Nature. We now have the potential to drastically improve the lives of current and future generations.

“We cannot solve our problems
with the same level of thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein

Our Purpose

To midwife the birth of a new class of energy technologies and restore ecosystems worldwide