“To know the mechanics of the wave, is to know the entire secret of Nature.”

Walter Russell


The history of human evolution is marked by significant events. In the beginning there were the indigenous people who lived in harmony with Nature. In an effort to bring organisation to our society we saw the influence of religion, the state and capitalism.

All these influences were intended to bring a higher level of organisation and wellbeing to our society. There were also unintended consequences. Capitalism brought us much good: technology, significant reductions in poverty levels and many other goodies.

However, we also observe that today about 1% of the people owns 50% of all the wealth in world. Also there is climate change, much unrest in the world and more.

It begs the question: what is the next evolutionary impulse which will serve the 8 billion citizens of our world equally. An evolution which enables each individual to lead his/her life in freedom, while expressing their innate talents from a space of autonomy, self-reliance and authenticity.

A wise man once said: “There is no mistake; there is only meaning not understood”. This says it all. All evolution is what it is. We need contrast in our lives to grow as an individual and as a society. A sudden illness could bring much good to a person, if it is seen as an opportunity to grow.

Today we face a collective experience which will ultimately be transformed into an opportunity to bring a series technologies and methodologies which will enable our society to thrive in harmony with the principle laws nature.

Our Technology Vision:

1. The Soliton Wave

The great scientist Walter Russel once said:

“To know the mechanics of the wave, is to know the entire secret of Nature”.

Scientist and philosophers interpret this as a reference to one of the innate organising principles according to which the Nature and Universe evolves. In science circles this is considered to be the Soliton Wave. This wave was observed in nature already in 1834. In 1895 the exact mathematic formula was found.

Only in 2018 an inventor in our network saw the electromagnetic signature of the Soliton Wave on his oscilloscope in his lab in Italy. This enabled us to copy nature in our laboratory environment.

We performed many tests which confirmed that the application of Soliton Wave in many expressions could bring much good to our society. There is much more to do to explore the full potential of the Soliton Wave. We believe this marks the beginning of a new era. In the section White Papers of this website there is a lot more to read about the potential of the Soliton Wave.

It also brings forward a new energy technology (LENRs) which is in harmony with nature, is powered by the Soliton wave and has no negative side effects on our lives and our living environment.


2. Power Generation – LENRs

An exciting new era of clean energy technologies is just around the corner.

When we look closely at nature, we find that astonishing energy reactions are occurring all the time. We have identified the nature of these reactions. In science they are called LENRs (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

In biology they are called ‘Biological Transmutations'.

We have named them:' Life Enhancing Natural Reactions', because this is what they really are.

LENRs have been the driving force for the evolution of the Universe and all of the beauty and complexity of Nature since the beginning of time. It is also the process that drives the metabolism of all living things on earth.

The energy density of LENRs is at least 100 times the energy density of the primary energy generating technologies we use today.

The manifestation of the LENRs will free the world from greenhouse gas emissions, will provide energy to all people everywhere, will significantly reduce the price of energy and will reduce our dependence on costly energy distribution and electricity transmission systems.

Our Purpose

To midwife the birth of a new class of energy technologies and restore ecosystems worldwide