“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you
to achieve it"

Paulo Coelho


Birthing New Energy Technology

All of the technologies which generate the primary energy and electricity in our world of today have some unintended negative side-effect on our lives and our living environment. Fossil fuels contribute to climate change and are subject to great price fluctuations caused by political instability.

Nuclear fission reactors create radioactive radiation and radioactive by-products. Nuclear waste will remain radioactive for generations to come. It poses a risk to current and future generations.

Wind, solar and hydropower all have their limitations. Depending on local climate conditions, the energy produced is not available continuously and “on demand”. And if the energy is not completely consumed when the wind blows and/or the sun shines, this places great strain on electrical distribution grids.

The electricity grid operators in the Netherlands currently spend about € 10 billion annually to adapt the electricity grids to cope with the intermittent and distributed production of solar and wind power. Annually the world spends about € 1 trillion to expand the capacity of the grids, the cost of which is eventually paid by the consumer.

Hydroelectricity is not available everywhere and all the time. It is also subject to the effects of climate change, which causes reservoirs to be improperly fed and river flows to have a higher frequency of peaks and troughs; many rivers are also running dry. Most importantly natural life in the rivers is negatively affected and many people had to be relocated, which had a negatively effect on the quality of their livelihoods.

From the above review of our current methods of providing primary and energy/electricity to our society it is concluded that it would be a significant advancement of our entire global society if an energy source were to be created which:

  • is always available, everywhere for everyone
  • does not create any environment pollution
  • is affordable for everyone
  • is based on the principle laws of Nature

The development of this technology is currently sustained by the Unifying Fields Foundation and brought forward by a research partnership between its subsidiary company Restoration Power and its research associates around the word.

For an article with further information on the science, please click here.

Our Purpose

To midwife the birth of a new class of energy technologies and restore ecosystems worldwide