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Restoration Power

Our founders unite their passion to bringing forward a new class of energy technologies which will make the world a better more equitable place

Our People

Board of Directors

Kees Hoogendijk

Kees (born 1946) received his Masters degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands in 1970. He held several senior positions in the oil and chemical industry in the Netherlands and the UK prior to cofounding a petrochemicals trading company (LOGA) 1985. In 1992 LOGA was bought by ENRON, an oil and gas company in the USA.

After having worked for two years in the head office of ENRON in Houston, he decided to leave ENRON in 1994 to start his own venture capital firm KEGADO, a company which focussed on manifesting new energy technologies and on ways to restore ecosystems.

In 2002 KEGADO co-founded the Climate Neutral Group (CNG), a company which markets CO2 certificates originating from reforestation projects in Africa, South- East Asia and South America. In 2009 KEGADO co-founded FACE the FUTURE, a company which executes forest restoration projects worldwide.

Through his involvement in these companies he became aware that large scale deforestation is the main cause of climate change. The increased incidence of droughts, floods, hurricanes, land-slides, forest fires and climate change is a direct consequence of deforestation.

By unifying detailed scientific research in many diverse fields of science he was able to find a relative simple solution to address all these complex challenges. In 2017 he co-founded the Unifying Fields Foundation to start a new grass-roots movement aimed at restoring ecosystems worldwide.

The second objective of Unifying Fields is to develop a new class of energy technologies which function according the principle laws of Nature. To create research facilities in various countries and attract the right kind of funding Restoration Power was created, a subsidiary of Unifying Fields.


Kees Hoogendijk

Guido Parchi

Guido is an entrepreneur, technologist/engineer specialised in environmental engineering and clean energy technologies.

Thanks to his dad’s passion for sailing, skiing and climbing Guido grew up in touch with the strength and beauty of nature. His passion for physics naturally led him to become an environmental engineer. After graduating in Hydraulics/Environmental engineering at the University of Bologna, he began his career working for both public institutions and private companies, in the following areas:

– Environmental and Energy engineering.
– Environmental/Geographical information systems.
– Project management.
– Environmental decision support systems (Mathematical modelling of complex systems and geo-data processing).

Later Guido became co-founder and technical director of three Engineering and Software companies. Currently he is CEO-CTO of Prometeon Srl, an engineering and research company developing and proposing innovative clean energy technologies, and co-founder and advisor of FutureOn Srl a pure research company specialized in LENR and nuclear fusion.

Guido Parchi

Aldo Proia

From the Insurance Consultant to the Bio-Entrepreneur: An Ethical and Sustainable Vision

My professional path began as an insurance consultant, but following my passion for alternative energies and innovative technologies, I embraced an ethical and sustainable approach.

Over the past decade, I have developed a growing awareness, feeling the compelling need to give my actions a higher purpose. Driven by ethical values and inspired by respect for every living being and for our precious planet, I embarked on a mission to improve people's health and the environment.

With the aim of promoting sustainable energy sources and solutions for human well-being, I have co-founded and managed several energy companies and innovative projects, including Manutensolar, Energaya, Enerbo, Solarbo, Natural Change, and ProActy-Tech. I am also co-founder and commercial director of Prometeon.

Currently, as an active member of the "Man Center" (https://mancenter.org/), I am dedicated to inspiring awareness and promoting peaceful cooperation between people of all cultures, races and religions. My passion for a sustainable future continues to guide my daily commitment.

Aldo Proia

Advisory Board

Robert Yarr

Robert (1961) graduated in Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Engineering Management from the University of Glasgow in 1985. He held several senior positions in corporate manufacturing before moving to global business transformations with Ernst & Young Management Consulting.

In 2000 he started a Business Management cloud computing company and in 2006 he began to offer private consulting.
At this point he put his passion for the science of consciousness into practice by helping rising and leading authors in the consciousness field to bring inspiration and healing programmes to global audiences.

Robert and Kees met while he was co-producing a ‘Healing Futures’ event, where they discovered their shared passion for approaching ‘New Energy’ the right way, and in 2012 they joined forces and later co-founded Unifying Fields.

Deep engagements with key indigenous leaders have propelled deeper insights than science has yet attained. He sees the unification of the non-physical with the physical world as key not only to the ‘New Energy Paradigm’ but more importantly, to our collective evolutionary shift.


Josha van der Beek

Josha van der Beek (1980) works as a sustainable energy transition consultant at a large Dutch distribution system operator - Alliander. She gained several degrees in ecology in The Netherlands and South Africa, specialising in large-scale ecosystems. At the age of 7 a burning passion for pristine, wild nature kindled inside of her.

It became an obsession and she started fantasising about humankind living in balance with nature. This fire never let her go and she is still driven by it every day, focusing on creating impact towards a more sustainable future on this earth.

As an ecologist it is almost natural for her to oversee the complete system of which something is a part. Everything is intertwined; actions create reactions like a cascade effect. She therefore not only sees connections but specifically creates them to build a more intricate and therefore resilient (eco)system of people, talents, ambitions and ideals, professions and initiatives. In this way she hopes the path towards a sustainable future can evolve and real paradigm shifts can take place

Josha van der Beek

Our Purpose

To midwife the birth of a new class of energy technologies and restore ecosystems worldwide